Value first:
People today work hard for their money and want the best value for their dollar.
At STMS Manufacturing we provide a building solution for all our customers. Our design and manufacturing team create buildings putting value first. By providing customers with value first, our buildings become a sound life time investment.

Why we are valued:
As a company we are proud to source materials that will stand up to time. We use everyday language to make customers and potential customers aware of the exacting standards used by STMS. By using these exacting standards, materials, and engineering, STMS buildings will last a life time.


Steel - HSS structural steel frames, hot dipped, galvanized.

Tension- Horizontally and vertically tensioned membrane panels.

Membrane- Structural PVDF membrane.

Structures- Engineered to National Building Codes.

Invest in our quality buildings and our manufacturing team will design and build your quality, custom built project.

Last update February 5, 2010

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